Autonumerology - The Value In Your Numberplate!

Autonumerology is the art of switching numbers for letters that look similar in a number plate to create a word or phrase.

You might have seen car registration plates such as M1 KES or BO55 MAN and thought how interesting they looked, but have you ever explored your own number plate? Whether it's a new style plate (eg AB51 CDE) or an older style plate (like ABC123D or EFG45), might be surprised to learn that a lot of plates have hidden and sometimes very valuable meanings.

OH51 MON might look like an innocent car registration plate, but when you swap the 5 and the 1 for an S and an I, you end up with OH SIMON as a plate. And that might be worth a few thousand pounds to someone called Simon.

So we put together a tool for you to use. It's free and all you have to do is enter your number plate. It'll tell you if there are any hidden words in your plate. Try your registration plate!

Find value in your plate

Words Found In Your Number Plates

The following words have cleverly or obviously been found in your number plates: